Play with a Mission
Play with a Mission 

Why Choose Speech Therapy of Jacksonville?

Michelle strives to provide the best therapy services possible to every one of her clients. She prides herself with the use of evidence based practices, with her view of a “team” approach, targeting goals through play, and her ongoing continuing education in the field of speech-language pathology.


For every one of Michelle’s clients she provides flexible scheduling and pricing. Michelle is a traveling therapist, which means she comes to her clients; whether it’s in the comfort of a client’s home, playing at a park while targeting goals, or using books to enhance literacy at a local library. Therapy in the natural setting allows the parents to be involved in all therapy sessions, allows the therapist to see a clearer picture of the parent/child language interactions, and provides the therapist with the chance to see the child in everyday routines. This permits the therapist to give parents the appropriate suggestions on how to enhance language during those routines.


At the end of every therapy session, Michelle provides the client with "homework," which helps generalize skills learned in therapy and a monthly/bimonthly graph to show client progress. 

Services Include:

  • Free speech/language screenings for every potential client
    • These screenings identify delays/disorders that may need further assessment. These tools are great to see if a child is developing within the “normal range.”
  • Language delays and disorders: Michelle has worked with pre-k to high school students in speech, grammar and functional language. Michelle has extensive knowledge with the Hodson’s Cycles Approach and Sounds in Motion when working on phonological processing disorders; higher functioning children on the Autism spectrum focusing on pragmatic language skills; lower functioning children on the Autism spectrum focusing on communication through picture exchange; and school-aged children requiring literacy-based language therapy.  
  • Articulation Delays
  • Phonological Disorders
  • Teaching parents, of typically developing children, how to talk, read and play to improve language
  • Advising parents on the best toys and games to build language skills
  • Diagnostic evaluations in articulation delays/phonological disorders and language 
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